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cfk medizintechnik, medizintechnik
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sandwich strukturen, cfk sandwich
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autoklav, cfk medizintechnik
cfk medizintechnik 1

Tilting head rest
with raster mechanism
made of CFRP

cfk medizintechnik 1
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What in the past was almost exclusively
limited to use in the Air & Space Industry
due the high cost of carbon fiber is nowadays
state of the art in almost all industries. The material is highly suited for use in modern
medical technology.

CFRP is perfectly suitable for medical appli-
cations due its very high X-ray transparency
and its rigidity. X-rays are hardly absorbed by
CFRP and due to exact working procedures
and cleanliness requirements at the workplace
there are no irregularities with the composite
part like in natural materials , e.g. wood.

Due to its high rigidity the part can be reduced
in weight and volume. The use of special
epoxy resins allows for 150°C sterilization of
CFRP parts.

cfk medizintechnik 2

Standard patient
table top made of
CFRP sandwich
for CT applications
used worldwide

cfk medizintechnik 2
cfk medizintechnik 3

CFRP knee-calf
prosthesis for use in
sporting events
with high endurance

cfk medizintechnik 3
cfk medizintechnik 4

device made of
sterilizable CFRP for
trauma surgery in
shoulder area

cfk medizintechnik 4
cfk medizintechnik 5

CFRP sandwich
plates for Lithotripsy

cfk medizintechnik 5
sandwich strukturen, cfk sandwich
Extreme good X-ray transparency
steam-sterilizable up to 150°C
very high rigidity and stability
optically high-quality surfaces
very homogenous structure
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mayr faserverbundtechnik
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