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faserverbund bauteile, glasfaserverstaerkter kunststoff
carbonfaserverstaerkter kunststoff, kevlarverstaerkter kunststoff
faserverbund bauteile, kunststofftechnik rosenheim
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faserverbund bauteile, kevlarverstaerkte kunststoffe





- fiber reinforced materials

- carbon fiber reinforced plastic

- glass fiber reinforced plastic

- synthetic fiber reinforced plastic
cfk, gfk, fvw, sfk, hochleistungsverbundkunststoffe
Definition of CFRP and Company

High performance reinforced plastic materials are those fiber reinforced plastic materials which – by suitable choice of fibers and matrix – are able to reach levels of rigidity and stability that were previously attainable by aluminium, titanium or steel. Depending on the need for high rigidity and/or high stability one uses either aramid, carbon or glass fibers.

As for the matrix systems epoxy resins are mainly utilized. If higher heat stability is required also phenol, polyamide or silicone resins are used. The fiber material is processed either in woven form, wet roving or as so-called prepreg in individually specialized processes. As such there is the choice of hand lay-up process up to filament winding and prepreg laying technique in pressing tools for hot presses of autoclaves.

carbon, kunststoff, cfk
carbonfaserverstaerkter kunststoff, glasfaserverstaerkter kunststoff
Material properties

  Extreme low weight
  Very high stability and rigidity
  Low heat expansion
  Extreme high load change stability
  Highest chemical consistency
  High X-Ray transparency
  Very good heat conductivity
  No magnetism

Different views of various high performance composite plastics

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kohlenstofffaserverstaerkter kunststoff, kohlenstofffaserverstaerkte kunststoffe
kohlenstofffaser 1 faserverbundwerkstoffe, faserverbundwerkstoff kohlenstofffaser 2 kevlarverstaerkte kunststoffe, faserverbundwerkstoffe glasfaser kevlarverstaerkte kunststoffe, carbonfaserverstaerkte kunststoffe armidfaser kunststofftechnik rosenheim, rosenheim, mayr anwendungsbeispiel faserverbundtechnik rosenheim, mayr faserverbund, cfk, gfk

The applications

There are many possibilities. Among other areas CFRP is used in the medical, measuring, machine manufacturing and sporting goods fields. Its use makes sense when increased performance of an assembly is attained by either weight reduction or an increase in specific stability and rigidity of a part. Thus the goal of increased production output, easier handling, increased safety or precision is obtained.

kohlenstofffaser, glasfaser, armidfaser   kohlenstofffaserverstaerkte kunststoffe, kevlarverstaerkte kunststoffe
kohlenstofffaserverstaerkter kunststoff, kevlarverstaerkter kunststoff
glasfaserverstaerkte kunststoffe, carbonfaserverstaerkte kunststoffe
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faserverbund bauteile, faserverbund werkstoffe, neue werkstoffe
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kohlenstofffaserverstaerkter kunststoff, galsfaserverstaerkter kunststoff
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